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Serving the Cudell and Edgewater Neighborhoods of Cleveland
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Cudell and Edgewater Neighborhoods


Cudell Neighborhood

Cudell is named after noted architect Frank E. Cudell, a German immigrant who had inherited a large estate from his father-in-law. Cudell bequeathed the estate to the City in 1916 and the tower which stands on the property today, just east of the Cudell Recreation Center, is a memorial to him from his wife, Emma. The neighborhood became a part of the City through annexations in 1894 and 1904. It developed as a working class community during the first two decades of the 20th century with residents employed at the many industries around the rail lines that crisscrossed the neighborhood. Construction of interstate 90 in the 1960s isolated the Lorain Avenue area from the bulk of the neighborhood. Most of the housing is one- and two-family except for a concentration of apartments near the rapid transit line near Detroit and West Boulevard.

EDGEWATER Neighborhood

Edgewater is distinguished by its dramatic Lake Erie frontage and by its tree-lined streets, its impressive housing stock, and its vibrant Clifton Boulevard Historic District retail area. The neighborhood existed as part of the Village of West Cleveland from 1871 until its annexation to Cleveland in 1894 and became known in the last years of the 19th century for its large estates that were home to wealthy and influential Clevelanders such as Marcus Hanna. North of Clifton Boulevard the housing is predominantly single-family but south of Clifton Boulevard the neighborhood is a mix of one and two-family homes. Larger apartment buildings line the south side of Clifton Boulevard and are also located in the vicinity of Detroit Avenue. There is some industry located along the rail line that makes up neighborhood’s southern boundary and separates it from Cudell.

strategic alliance with detroit shoreway community development organization

Cudell Improvement, Inc. and DSCDO entered into a Strategic Alliance on July 1, 2018. This partnership provides high quality community development services that leverage expertise and resources across the Detroit Shoreway, Cudell and Edgewater neighborhoods.


neighborhood block clubs & Associations

To learn more abouta group in your area, please contact Christopher Brown, Safety and Community Outreach Coordinator, at 216-961-4242 x301 or

Edgewater Homeowners Association
Captain: Linda Meglin
Approximate Block Club Area: From Lake Ave. to Lake Erie and from West Blvd. to W. 117th St.
Facebook Page
Lake Avenue Residents
Captain: Jerry Schmeltzer
Approximate Block Club Area: From Clifton Blvd. to Lake Ave. and from West Blvd. to W. 117th St.
West Edge Block Club
Captain: Lisa Ellis
Approximate Block Club Area: From Franklin Blvd. to Clifton Blvd. and from W. 110th St to W. 117th St.
Facebook Group
West Boulevard Neighbors
Captain: Sue Zimmerman
Approximate Block Club Area: Both sides of West Boulevard from Madison Ave. to Western Ave.
Madison W. 100 Block Club
Captain: Jonathan Steirer
Approximate Block Club Area: From Madison Ave to Marginal Ave and from W. 89th St. to W. 101st St.
Facebook Group
Madison Pathways Block Group
Captain: Carla Buccanon
Approximate Block Club Area: From Madison Ave. to Western Ave and from W. 103rd St. to W. 106th St.
Edgewater Parke Neighbors
Captain: Anne Armstrong and Nikki Hudson
Approximate Block Club Area: From Desmond Ave. to Detroit Ave. and from W. 85th St. to W. 95th St.
Facebook Group

Baltic Area Neighbors
Captain: Nina Holzer
Approximate Block Club Area: From Baltic Ave. and Clifton Blvd. and from Nanford to W. 110 St.