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Cudell Improvement, Inc.
Who We Are

Since 1974, Cudell Improvement, Inc. has provided services and programs to the stakeholders of the Cudell and Edgewater areas of Cleveland as well as to other parts of the west side of Cleveland and in Lakewood. Directed by a volunteer Board of up to 17 persons, the 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization is dedicated to the stabilization and revitalization of the area through human resource efforts and commercial and economic development initiatives.

Staffed by twelve professional, technical and support staff, the organization melds the needs and concerns of residential, commercial, retail and industrial constituents with appropriate action agendas. The organization fosters a series of highly developed relationships with various religious, institutional, social service, community and governmental entities to drive initiatives that result in improvement of the human condition, a better quality of life and a strengthened built environment in the Cudell/Edgewater neighborhood.


Daniel L. Berry, President; Brian Jereb, Vice President; Gerald Durante, Secretary; Michael Flickinger, Treasurer; Anne Hamlin & Charles Slone, Executive Committee; Catherine Cole, Carol King Johnson, Walter Martens Jr., Sarah Hudecek Ryzner, Jerry Schmelzer, Angela Shuckahosee, Scott Simpkins, Jack Taylor


Budget & Audit: Treasurer, Chair
Personnel: Vice President, Chair
Neighborhood Preservation & Development: Carol King Johnson, Chair
Nominating & Membership: Chair
Community Dialogues & Organizational Development: President
Special Projects: President, Chair

Various Board Members also serve on the Clifton Boulevard/West Boulevard Historic District Design Review Committee; the Lorain Station Historic District Design Review Committee; the Berea Road/West 117th Street Business Revitalization District Design Review Committee; and the Storefront Renovation Program Design Review Committee.

Board Members and/or Committee Chairs may be contacted by leaving a message at the Cudell Improvement, Inc. offices or by emailing

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