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June 6, 2014

Help for Homeowners Event

Are you struggling to make mortgage payments? Maybe you are unemployed or earning less than before?  Do you need to leave your home through a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure?  Has your rental property become unaffordable?  Meet one on one with your mortgage company or a HUD approved housing expert to identify solutions that best suit your situation. Call 888-995-HOPE for free help.  The event will be Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 10 AM - 8 PM at Cleveland Convention Center - Grand Ballroom, 300 Lakeside Avenue. 

Latex Paint Disposal Info

Latex paint is not accepted in Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program.  It can be cleaned up with water and is not flammable.  So solidify latex paint by air drying or filling the can with a drying agent (kitty litter, sawdust, etc.) and after fully solidified, leave the lid off and set out with the regular trash.  For further information call 216.443.3749 or go to

Liberty H. Ware Homestead to be Nominated as Historic Landmark

At the urging of Judge Raymond L. Pianka, history buff, Councilman Matt Zone is nominating the Liberty H. Ware Homestead at 9400 Detroit Avenue to the local register of historic places.  While the building currently serves as a house of worship and cultural/eduacation center for the Islamic Center of Cleveland, the house originally served as an Inn for travelers in the early nineteenth century who were taking the post road that ran from Detroit, through Cleveland, all the way to Buffalo, New York.  Later, for more than 100 years, it served as the residence of three generations of the Ware family, including West Cleveland's colorful mayor and justice of the peace, Liberty H. Ware.  Go to to learn more.

The Breakfast Club to Entertain at Edgewater Park

Join in the fun at Lower Edgewatr Park to hear The Breakfast Club play pop/rock selections on June 12 from 5:30 - 8:30 pm.  Go to to see the schedule for other musical acts playing on succeeding Thursdays this summer. 

27th Annual Clifton Arts & Musicfest June 21st

The artists are prepared and so are the musicians.  The merchants are anticipating a sunny, warm day so all is ready for this spectacular Clifton Boulevard event.  Whether you come at 10 am or later in the day, you will enjoy all the fun things to do and great art, music and shopping.  Look for the Basement Beauties from Twist who have taken on the task of building the 8 foot high replica of the Cudell Clock Tower from canned goods that will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank at the end of the show.  See you there!