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For almost fourty years, safety has been a Number One Priority in the Cudell/Edgewater/West Boulevard neighborhoods of Cleveland. With the overarching goal of creating the highest quality of life for residents and businesses, Cudell combines a number of tried and true crime prevention strategies with innovative ideas to keep constituent populations invested in the neighborhood.


Both Cudell Improvement, Inc's Crime Prevention Program and Safety-Net maintain professional staff that work exclusively on safely and organizing initiatives in Ward 16. The professional staff assumes responsibility for: organizing block meetings, planning special events, scheduling and monitoring beat patrols, staffing Security Committees, presenting educational programs for youth and senior citizens, scheduling curfew sweeps, implementing the mediation and court watch programs and educating adults on all aspects of community based crime prevention techniques. All efforts are under-pinned with the total engagement of neighborhood residents and business persons. The professional safety staff interacts with commercial development and housing professionals at Cudell Imprvement, Inc. and Midwest Housing to coordinate community efforts to ensure safety is an integral part of all neighborhood strategies.


Each of the Merchant Organizations has a Security Committee that meets regularly with professional staff and Cleveland Police Officers to discuss safety issues and initiatives. Additionally, regular meetings are scheduled with the Beat Patrol Officers to debrief them regarding operation of the patrols and suggestions for improving the patrols.


Both residents and business persons are taught ways in which to make their homes and buisness establishments less likely to be targets of criminal activity. Included is the free use of an engraving tool to permanently mark valuables and strategies to lessen opportunities for shoplifting and currency scams.


As a follow-up to the police department apprehending criminals, the community becomes involved in the judicial process through formal observation of the trial via the Court Watch program. Professional staff monitors the progress of a criminal through the court system and arranges for area stakeholders to be present in the courtroom during the trial proceedings. The presiding judge is made aware of the court watchers' interest in the outcome of the trial and is cognizant of their presence in the court room.


Often, what begin as minor, neighborhood squabbles, escalate into violent episodes if left to run their course. Given how adversely neighborhood tensions impact the quality of life for community residents, a vehicle to proactively intervene and diminish the number and magnitude of these incidents has been developed. Over the past year, thirteen neighborhood residents have been trained in the mediation process and will be actively pursuing opportunities to utilize the Mediation Program to reduce community conflicts.


Initiated by citizen constituent groups interested in reducing the number of youth violating both the daytime and nighttime curfew ordinaces, regularly scheduled curfew sweeps are staffed by neighborhood stakeholders at a community location.

Assigned CPD Officers apprehend curfew violators, and then volunteers attempt to build relationships with the youth as well as offering assistance to parents who must appear to secure the release of their children.


Beat Patrols, utilizing off-duty Cleveland Police Officers, are regularly scheduled on all commercial strips including Lorain Avenue, Madison Avenue, Detroit Avenue, Clifton Boulevard and West 117th Street. The purpose of the Beat Patrols is to increase the visibility of uniformed officers during normal business hours in retail locations. Officers work random hours and, while walking the beat, gather information from stakeholders to report back to the Security Committees and to act upon when carrying out on-duty responsibilities. Beat Patrols are sponsored by the respective merchant organizations with support from Cudell Improvement, Inc.


Professional staff regularly presents programming to help the older population avoid being scammed by con artists. Scams such as bank account fraud, identity theft, slamming and residence rip-offs are covered in an interesting, concise and comfortable setting.


Trained safety professionals implement a variety of programs in the Cleveland Public Schools and private schools in grades preschool through middle school. The programs include:

  • Halloween Safety.

Additionally, local merchants have sponsored recreational opportunities for area youth in conjunction with the Cleveland Police Department, volunteers and professional commercial development staff.


On a ward-wide basis, leaders of block clubs, merchant organizations and other community stakeholders meet semi-annually to "talk safety" meeting officials in the criminal justice system, learning about safety initiatives in other areas and networking with peers.


The backbone of Midwest Safety Team occurs at regular meetings throughout the service area involving resident stakeholders who meet to be educated in crime prevention techniques, exchange information with police and public officials and build trust and communication among neighbors.


The condition of housing is closely related to the safety of a community. Therefore, professional housing staff works together with professional safety staff, the Department of Building & Housing and the Cleveland Police to identify and eliminate residential and commercial conditions that give the impression of deterioration and a community "at risk."


  • National Night Out Against Crime
  • Annual Bike Safety Rodeo
  • Annual Winter Safety Conference
  • 1st District Crime Prevention Fair
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